Frequently Asked Questions

Who will finance my home?

Choosing a bank or lender and getting pre-approved is a good first step. If you need help with financing, talk to your Sales Representative.

What type of home will I purchase?

Do I want a basement or no basement?
Manufactured HUD home or Modular home?

New HUD homes can go on frost piers, concrete slabs and in certain situations stone pads. Modular homes go on an insulated basement or insulated 4 foot crawlspace wall.

After you decide on your type of home, get a new home quote from your Sales Representative.

Who will by my General Contractor?

Why should I have a General Contractor?

Castle Homes will deliver and setup your home only. You can be your own General Contractor or we recommend (not mandatory) using a General Contractor for getting building permits and taking care of on site improvements.

If you choose, Sandstone Consulting (General Contractor) can provide a cost breakdown for improvements for your bank, coordinate on site work and inspections and can do draw requests for subcontractor payments.

Ask your Sales Representative for more information about Sandstone Consulting Services and getting a quote for your needed improvements.

Who is responsible for the proper site prep to receive you home?

You or your General Contractor is responsible for site prep per state approved building codes. Your site is prepared after your financing is approved and at the appropriate time.

Homeowners are responsible for the removal of trees and limbs, driveways and any improvements needed for the home delivery. Any road or landscape repairs needed after home delivery are the customer’s responsibility.

When will my home be delivered?

Your home delivery is scheduled after the building site has been properly prepared, after your home is ready for delivery and after payment arrangement has been made.

Home deliveries can vary with factory schedules, transportation schedules, crane schedules, setup crew schedules and with the weather.

A Castle Homes representative will check your building site prior to delivery. Customers should allow 1-2 weeks for 2 piece home setup.

Home finish times can vary with utility hook up and weather conditions.

What is a new home inspection?

A new home inspection is an inspection of the home with the Homeowner and a Castle Homes representative. A pre-inspection of the home can normally be done when the home ships from the factory. A final inspection and report is done after the home setup and utility connections are complete.

What is your new home warranty?

Homes have a warranty which starts on the date of home setup. Drywall cracks will be repaired after the initial home setup and if needed a second time towards the end of the warranty period.

Heating may be needed for repairs and customer is responsible if furniture needs to be moved.

Any warranty items that occur after the home inspection must be reported by the homeowner to Castle Homes during the warranty period. If a Homeowner calls for warranty repairs and in fact the problem is not a warranty item, the Homeowner is responsible for the contractor billings.

(For example: A customer calls Castle Homes and says the furnace is not working. Castle Homes sends out a heating contractor to determine the problem and the contractor discovers there is no LP gas in their tank.)

Homeowners who purchase appliances with their home will need to contact the appliance service centers for their 1 year warranty service.

Display home flooring will have some normal wear and prices do not include replacement. We will do our best to clean soiled spots if necessary.

Trade In Homes

Customer is to remove all belongings and thoroughly clean home. No debris is to be left in home.

Appliances should be left with the home unless other arrangements are made.

A clear title is to be given to the sales person when the purchase agreement is signed.


SURVEYS: Some manufacturers will do a new home survey after your new home is completed. Your sales rep can give you more information.